Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Mains interruptions can have serious consequences. Do not take any chances, you can rely on our uninterruptible power supply (UPS). A UPS supplies power even in the event of mains failure and protects your system against supply interruptions. We offer UPS solutions for DC and AC applications where the functionality and design are optimally tailored to the requirements of various different industries.

Solutions for uninterruptible power supply

Supply your system reliably with our solutions for uninterruptible power supply. Select the appropriate power supply, uninterruptible power supply, and energy storage system for your application. Furthermore, our UPS modules with integrated power supply or integrated energy storage offer a space-saving UPS solution.

UPS for DC applications

Our uninterruptible power supplies for DC applications provide reliable protection against supply interruptions. Select the appropriate DC UPS for your application.

UPS for AC applications

Our uninterruptible power supplies for AC applications provide a pure sine curve at the output. Select the ideal AC UPS and ensure superior system availability.

QUINT AC UPS with 3.4 Ah energy storage
Buffer modules

Configure your UPS system with the maintenance-free buffer modules. Protect your application and also bridge short failure times lasting up to 30 seconds. The buffer module stores the energy required to bridge mains failures in maintenance-free capacitors. They are also suitable for cyclical failures.

Energy storage

Select the appropriate energy storage for your modular system so that you can achieve maximum system availability in every industrial application. The various storage media feature a wide range of different properties: long service life or very long buffer time, no maintenance, or use at extreme ambient temperatures.

UPS/BAT energy storage