Baying systems TS 8

The TS 8 sheet steel baying system, with its symmetrical profile in the width and depth, offers a significant space gain, plus simple interior installation. This likewise ensures bayability from all sides. Additionally, the integral, automatic potential equalisation of all enclosure panels and the triple surface treatment ensure optimum safety.

Baying system TS

Baying systems TS 8 IP 66/NEMA 4

Baying systems TS 8, protection category IP 66, NEMA 4, sheet steel, spray-finished

Baying systems TS 8 EMC enclosures

The large enclosures in the TS 8 series offer a good level of shielding across a broad frequency range, even in the standard version. For increased EMC requirements, Rittal’s TS 8 enclosure is also available in a high RF attenuation version.