Whatever the function you require: whether it be switching, isolating, monitoring, amplifying or multiplying. Our range satisfies all requirements. Whether for electromechanical and solid-state relays or time and monitoring relays.

Your advantages

  • Versatile, thanks to industrial relays with numerous functions
  • Always the right solution – thanks to world-leading product variety
  • Space-saving, thanks to compact, slim design
  • Excellent quality, thanks to high-grade materials and innovative technologies
  • Save costs: standardized accessories that are available worldwide

High quality and long service life

Do you set the bar high? Then you’ll only want relay modules that are reliable and long-lasting.

We select materials and components carefully. The qualification methods used by Phoenix Contact are rigorous, while production processes and test methods are in line with the latest developments.

Unique technology keeps the device temperature lower than that in conventional PCBs.

See for yourself: relay modules from Phoenix Contact are of higher than average quality, completely reliable, and durable.

SIL-certified safety relay modules with proven technology

Benefit from our experience in safety technology. If you only require a few safety functions in your machine, our PSR safety relay modules are the ideal solution.

The versatile portfolio of PSR safety relay modules consists of safe coupling relays, safety relays, multifunctional safety relays, as well as zero-speed and over-speed safety relays.

Time relays

ETD time relays are particularly suitable for controlling simple time sequences. The 6 mm time relays with just one adjustable time and one fixed function are particularly space saving. Use the compact time relays in installation housing for building installation and the series production of machines and systems. Our multifunctional relays offer selectable time ranges and functions.