FAME 3 SL combines complex switching operations for function tests of current transformers and voltage transducers, as well as tripping and signal contacts, in separate, space-saving blocks of various colors. The system operates in accordance with the N/C-contact principle. An operating plug is not required. The automatic transformer short-circuit function is ensured with plug-in bridges in the plug-in test socket.

Your advantages

  • Easy and time saving, thanks to functional grouping of switching operations
  • Maximum safety with leading and automatic transformer short circuit, plus touch-proof design
  • Compact testing block and plug design for space-saving wall installation
  • Reliable test procedure, thanks to coded and lockable plug design
  • Fast assignment of the function using color marking
  • Compact screw connection for ring and fork-type cable lugs
  • Configurable short-circuit jumper in the plug-in test socket with standardized CLIPLINE complete system accessories

FAME 3 SL – the system properties

FAME 3 SL provides further advantages in addition to the FAME system properties. The latching mechanisms of the plug-in test sockets and test plugs make for quick and convenient handling.

All advantages at a glance:

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Plug-in test socket for current transformer connection

This version can be used for a range of current transformer applications. To be able to tell the current transformer versions apart from other versions quickly and easily, the plug-in test sockets have a green housing.

Plug-in test socket for voltage transformers

This voltage transformer version can be used for various voltage transducer applications. To be able to immediately tell the plug-in test sockets apart from other versions, they have grey housings.

Plug-in test socket for power supply and signals

The third version is suitable for current and voltage transformer applications. To be able to tell the plug-in test sockets apart from the versions previously stated, they are manufactured in the colors green/blue.

Mains protection – switching example with sequential switching sequence

Circuit example